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yeah.. im bored so hers a lemon one-shot... i might continue it if you guys really dig it, so yeah hope you enjoy.

Jeff scrolled through a homestuck page on Tumblr, he had his Chain in his palm and his cut cheeks widen "i like this Gamzee character, he's funny... and actually... kinda cute, for a troll.. alien.. thingy i guess.." he shrugged and spun around in his chair as he though of something to do "yep, i was right. im bored." he sighed.

There was a knock at the door, he groaned, it was Saturday and it was his only day off from killing, he was too lazy to get up and walk to the damn door "..uh.. go away, no ones here!" he said to the person behind his blood splattered door.
"Jeeeffyyyy... let me iiinnnn!" it was his neighbor, jack. ah just thinking about the teenager made Jeff's heart race, he quickly got up and opened the door to meet jack, he had a royal blue mask with only his chin and lips poking out from Below the mask. Jack smiled showing his sharp bleach white teeth, with a few blood splotches on them, what Jeff Wouldn't give to just kiss him once.
"so Jeffy, wanna hang out tooday?" Jack asked as he put his Grayish black hand in his plan black hoodie.
Jeff answered immediently (( im tired i can't spell)) "y-yeah! defiantly  come on in!" Jeff said gesturing the Teen to the couch, jack walked in lazily and plopped himself on Jeff's couch, Jeff closed the door locked it so Jane couldn't come in as usual and sat next to Jack. Jeff laid his head on Jack shoulder, it was ironic he was younger then Jack but was bigger, well height wise. Jack hesitantly  put his arm around  Jeffs shoulders, Jeff blushed pure red and looked at Jack who greeted him with a smile which only made Jeff blush more "you're adorable when you blush Jeffy.." Jack Chuckled.

Jeff turned even redder "i'm.. c-cute?" he asked nervously.

Jack flipped over so Jeff was under him, he gently stroked the boy injured Cheek "no, i said adorable.." with that he leaned down and kissed Jeff lightly then pulled away.
Jeff was frozen while he tried to process what just happen, Jack kissed him? he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreamed, and sure enough.. it was reality. he looked up at the other male and wrapped his arms around his neck quickly, within seconds their lips were smashed together, a passionate kiss turned into a furious tongue battle, their tongues tangled, slipped, swirled, and intertwined as they kissed.Jeff Moaned softly as did Jack, Jeff slowly sat up never breaking the kiss, he pulled jack closer and sat him in his lap, he then slowly slid off Jacks mask and caressed his face as they kiss. the kiss slowly broke leaving a trail of saliva connected their lips, Jack happily sucked on Jeff's bottom lip breaking the string, they pulled away again and panted heavily both of their faces were flushed.

"jeffy..." Jack said between pants.

Jeff looked at him "yes Jacky?" he panted.

"please... Fuck me hard.." He whispered in Jeff ear before licking the shell of it and purring slightly as he smirked.

Jeff blushed and darker red and nodded "my pleasure.." he gently laid Jack down and kissed the Boys neck softly, he nipped at it as Jack moaned softly. Jeff licked, bit, and sucked on Jacks neck until he found his sweet spot, Jack gasped and moaned a bit louder as Jeff tongue rolled over the tender part of his neck. Jeff sucked on that spot until it was soar, he then rolled his tongue over the soar hickey and looked up at Jack, he pulled off Jacks Hoodie slowly, he was so glad Jack chose not to wear a shirt under his hoodie today, he purred and licked up Jacks Chest "Jacky... your skin... it's so.. sweet and soft.." Jeff purred. Jack blushed and arched his back slightly as Jeff Sucked on his hardened nipples "a-ahh! Jeffy!" Jack moaned as Jeff nipped his nipple.

Jeff kissed downwards slowly until he reached Jacks pant line. He unzipped Jacks Black pants with His teeth then pulled  them down and discarded them somewhere. Jack was blushing madly by now and he turned even redder as jeff pulled down his boxers, he closed his legs to prevent his entrance to be seen "i-i-i...." he sttudered. (( dont caaaaaarrreeee!!!)) Jeff smirked and pried Jacks legs apart "Jeff!" Jack Protested but moaned loudly as Jeff Spreads his entrance and licks it softly "a-ahhh!" Jack arched his back as he moaned loudly, Jeff Started to suck at his entrance. jack started to feel a knot in his stomach slowly start to untie, but before he could cum Jeff pulled away, Jack groaned in lose of Jeffs wet warm toungue. "why.. why you'd stop?" Jack panted.

Jack Whined in pain as Jeff took off his pants"of course love..
" he positioned himself at Jacks entrance and slowly pushed in, he let out a small moan but Jack let out a loud whimper "jeff... it hurts.." the older male whispered as he clung to Jeff's Chest, Jeff held onto his lover and stayed still to wait for Jack to Get use to his size. after a few minuets of  jeff waiting and whispering sweet nothings in jacks ear, until Jack rolled his hips signalling Jeff could move, Jeff slowly pulled out then pushed back in, Jack moaned "a-ahh!" Jeff smirked, he knenw this ws his chance, he pulled out once more then slammed back into Jack, earning and very loud moan. Jeff moaned as well as he went in and out of Jack At a quick pace

their moans mixed, they couldn't possibly be any louder, until Jeff hit Jacks sweet spot, which made Jack Scream out "ahh! right there!" the smaller but older male shouted, Jeff smiled and moaned as he hit that spot repeatedly, he loved looking at Jacks face, Drooling, flushed, his skin was flawless to him. Jeff hit Jacks sweet spot one more time which sent him over the edge, Jeff Moaned really loud as did  Jack, they both saw white and came hard. Jacks cum shot out on Jeff's stomach and on himself. Jeffs cum came deep inside Jack, which made Jack Moan once again. They both fell, their sweaty bodies tangled as they panted loudly.

Jack caught his breath just enough to say three words... "i.. love..... you..." then he passed out,.

Jeff x Eyeless Jack ((Lemon! o.o)) by lilaTheKiller

/ / ©2013-2016 lilaTheKiller
Mature Content
.... dont judge me....
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I dun even wanna know....
Alyssa23459 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"it was ironic he was younger then Jack but was bigger, well height wise." TF does that mean? T3T You callen E.J fat bruh?miku (fuck youz) 
MaskedOwls Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
They might actually be the same weight and the same hip sizes XD
TheDivineDeath Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have nothing but love for this story. I thank you so much for writing  this, but I want more~! Please write more.Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
ultimateyaoiqueen18 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
very good   *trying to look cool and unaffected as blood gushes from nose* I loved it!
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I love it :)
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"I'm tired i can't spell" from now on that is always an excuse
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At first - Homestuck yassssss
At the end - Sex yassssss
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Oh man your profil pic x'D
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same here!
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So very sexy. I ship it!!!
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I think Jeff would be a very controlling uke unless he was a virgin...then he'd be all shy and not know what to do.
Amazingirl360 Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
XD that does make sense XD
Wanna-Be-A-Pasta Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
-first part-

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LinkDrowned Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Writer
Uhhhhhhhh -starts giggling loudly at the first- hehehehehhahahahah
-starts laughing nervously at the next- hahahahahha.......-shuts up at the lemon as the blood starts to flow
ImmaLittleMonster Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
The Monkey With the Nosebleed *too sexy for words*
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